Please contact the office at or (972) 780.3642.

Academic Fresh Start Program Form:  The Texas Education Code allows students who were enrolled in a post-secondary institution 10 or more years ago to seek admissions to UNT Dallas without consideration of that academic work. Essentially, the student will be classified as a freshman at UNT Dallas.  Any academic work, however, will be credited against the student's financial aid profile, if financial aid was used. 

Accessing the MyUNTDallas Student Portal: Instructions on how to activate your MyUNTD student portal. This is where you can check your admissions application status, financial aid, and sign up for new student orientation once you are admitted.

Accessing Your UNT Dallas Student Email: Instructions on how to access your UNT Dallas student email account once you have been accepted.

Adult Admission Program Form:  A student applying for admission who has fewer than 30 transferable credits and graduated from high school five or more years ago may be eligible for admission through the Adult Admission Program. Students must submit all prior college transcripts, a high school transcript, a personal statement, and the Adult Admissions Program enrollment form to be eligible.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit and Evaluation:  UNT Dallas accepts credit earned through various AP examinations. 

Bacterial Meningitis Forms:  Beginning October 1, 2013 all 22 or younger new students to UNT Dallas must provide proof of receiving the bacterial meningitis vaccination, medical exemption, or exemption for reasons of conscience.

Character and Fitness Amended Disclosure Form for College of Law students.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP):  UNT Dallas accept and award CLEP credit. 

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit Evaluation Document:  Provides explanation of IB credit evaluation to UNT Dallas.

Important Enrollment Considerations: This form provides information on important enrollment next steps. 

Make-Up Orientation Agreement Form: This form is for new students who will need to attend make-up orientation to complete their new student orientation university requirement.

Microsoft Teams Virtual Event Instructions: The form is meant to illustrate how to access Mircosoft Teams for all virtual UNT Dallas events.

Online Orientation Modules: Provides detailed instructions on how to access the required modules for UNT Dallas Orientation.

Orientation Leader Flyer: This is a flyer announcement for the 2020-2021 New Student Orientation Leader position.

Orientation Registration Instructions: Provides step-by-step details on how to RSVP and reserve your spot for a new student orientation session.

State Bill 1528 Affidavit:  Texas resident, non-U.S. citizen can qualify for in-state Texas tuition if certain qualifications are met. 

Student Consent For Access to Education Records Form:  The Federal Education Privacy and Rights Acts protects the confidentiality of all UNT Dallas students.  If the student wishes for University staff to release information to other individuals, this form must be on file with the Registrar's Office.

Student Solutions Center Presentation: Learn more about your one stop for resources and solutions to your enrollment needs. 

Student Solutions Center Presentation (En Español): El Centro de Soluciones Estudiantil - Si tiene alguna pregunta o no está seguro de dónde ir, estamos aquí para ayudarlo a encontrar su solución.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment Form: Use this form to indicate that you meet one of the exemption categories for the TSI.

Texas Uniform Admission Certification Requirement Form:  A students must complete at least the Recommended High School Program in order to become admitted to UNT Dallas.  However, a student may qualify for admission consideration by completing a portion of the Recommended High School Program or its equivalent high school coursework. 

Zoom Virtual Event Instructions: The form is meant to illustrate how to access and utilize Zoom for all virtual UNT Dallas events.