Transfer Admission Requirements

A transfer student is defined as any student who has previously attended a regionally accredited community college, junior college, or university and received some type of college credit. UNT Dallas only evaluates credit from regionally accredited academic institutions.

Assured Transfer Admissions Requirements

Transferable Credit Requirements (4.0 Scale)
12 Hours or less
13-44 Hours
  • Minimum 2.25 GPA
  • Eligible to return to previous institution attended
45+ Hours
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Eligible to return to previous institution attended

Do Not Meet Automatic Admissions Requirements?

If you do not meet the assured admissions requirements, or you were not able to or chose not take the SAT or ACT, no problem. You will be evaluated holistically by out admission committee. This individual review of your application is an automatic process whenever the Undergraduate Admission Office determines that an applicant does not meet the assured admissions requirements. You do not have to request this individual review of your application.

The admissions committee knows that you are more than just a number and will consider other factors that my include, but are not limited to:

  • Transfer GPA
  • Strength of academic background (course selection, rigor, alignment to major/program of study selected, etc.)
  • Record of extracurricular activities, leadership experiences, achievements, honors, and awards
  • Community Service
  • Employment and internship experience
  • Personal Statement/Essay
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (college advisor, instructor, coach, employer, etc.)
  • First-Generation in College status
  • Other special circumstances that put the student’s academic achievements into context, including his or her socioeconomic status, experience in a single parent home, family responsibilities, experience overcoming adversity, cultural background, race and ethnicity, the language spoken in the applicant’s home, and other information in the student’s file

Upon completion of this individual review, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will notify the student of their options for possible admission to UNT Dallas.

These options may include:

  • Submit additional information to elaborate on the factors listed above. For example, submit personal statement/essay addressing your education and career goals, letter(s) of recommendation, resume, etc.
  • Defer a decision until additonal information is available. For example, request you submit a transcript with grades from current or latest semester in hope of seeing improvement to your college GPA. 
  • Suggest student remain at community college or university and attempt to improve GPA in order to meet admission requirements. This may entail student retake college-level work in which the student received a D or F.