Transient (Visiting) Students

Apply as a Transient (Visiting)

Undergraduate students who have been enrolled at another college or university previously may attend UNT Dallas as a visiting student for a fall, spring or summer term, provided their intent is to return to their previous college or university. An official transcript only from the last school attended prior to the intended entry semester must be submitted with the application for admission and the application fee prior to the application deadline. The transcript must reflect that the student is not on academic probation or suspension from the last institution attended to be admitted as a visiting student.

If a visiting transient student later decides to continue at UNT Dallas, the visiting transient status ends and all admission requirements for a beginning transfer student must be met prior to the second enrollment at UNT Dallas. All students previously admitted as a visiting transient must first contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for clearance to re-enroll. If a student originally applies as a regular transfer student and is academically rejected for admission, the student cannot change application status to visiting transient.

Because of federal laws and immigration requirements, international students are not eligible to enroll at UNT Dallas as visiting transient students.

*Note: Current students at UNT who wish to take courses as a transient student at UNT Dallas must apply through the UNT/UNT Dallas Affiliate Program.